Parent Compact

Show me a home where education and learning are central values and where the parents are reasonably competent at the business of child-rearing, and I'll show you the home of a good student (William Raspberry)

The School Agrees to:

  1. Conduct a comprehensive needs assessment annually. Use multiple sources of information in determining strengths and needs of the school. Disaggregates and analyzes data to help meet the needs of all sub-groups.

  2. From the needs assessment, establish school goals and individual student achievement standards.

  3. Provide intervention learning time opportunities to students.

  4. Outline curriculum that has been proven effective and aligns with the state core curriculum.

  5. Conduct SEP (parent/teacher) conferences that provide details about student progress.

  6. Inform parents with frequent reports on their children's progress and how contact can be made with their teacher. Invite them to observe school and classroom activities.

  7. Provide opportunities for parents to volunteer and participate in their child's class.

  8. Provide clear directions for each homework activity.

  9. Create a safe, inviting learning atmosphere and align curriculum, instruction, and assessment to meet the core curriculum performance and accountability standards.

  10. Provide effective learning activities.

  11. Offer assistance as needed to accommodate students' individual learning needs.

  12. Participate in professional development that will help continually improve teaching.

  13. Provide information via newsletter, website, parent link, notes, and marque to keep parents informed

The Parent Agrees to:

  1. Make sure my child attends school regularly and arrives on time.

  2. Consistently respond to school notices, invitations, meetings, forms, and progress reports.

  3. Know what my child is expected to learn

  4. Help my child achieve mastery of grade level core subjects.

  5. Contact my child's teacher when my child does not understand an assignment, or needs special help.

  6. Consistently supports school rules.

  7. Provide a quiet time and place for my child to complete homework and monitor screen time (electronics and television).

  8. Attend SEP conferences.

  9. Read aloud with my child 20 minutes each day.

10. Celebrate my child's achievement.

11. Help prepare my child for core testing.

12. Check backpacks, Website, newsletters, etc. to stay in contact with your child's education.